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Multi-Tenant Citrix Cloud is here! Since the launch of Citrix Cloud 2-years ago I’ve been asked about support for multi-tenancy, so it’s great to be writing this blog to inform you that after extensive hard work by Citrix, it’s now available for CSP partners to use. Adoption of a multi-tenancy Citrix service means less complexity along with lower ...

What are the various requirements on progressing to Partner Tiers?

Each Partner Tier has a set of requirements to be met to progress into the corresponding Tier.  One of the key requirements is to complete solution competencies by a certain number of resources from Partner organization. The solution competency can be a certification path as chosen by the Partner, for example: Data Centre Visualisation, Cloud ...

What is Software Depot?

A software depot is a collection of VIBs and image profiles. The software depot is a hierarchy of files and folders and can be available through an HTTP URL (online depot) or a ZIP file (offline depot). VMware and VMware partners make depots available. Companies with large VMware installations might create internal depots to provision ESXi hosts wi...

Welcome to rhipe’s Microsoft CSP Update – February 2020

At rhipe, our team of CSP experts work hard each month to bring you all the relevant updates from Microsoft.  They do the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on what you do well. Please find below links directly to the content you are looking for.  If there is something that you want covered in these updates, please reach out to one of the CS...

What is an Image Profile?

An image profile defines an ESXi image and consists of VIBs. An image profile always includes a base VIB and might include more VIBs. You examine and define an image profile using the Image Builder PowerCLI.

What’s VIB?

VIB stands for vSphere Installation Bundle, which is an ESXi software package. VMware and its partners package solutions, drivers, CIM providers, and applications that extend the ESXi platform as VIBs. You can use VIBs to create and customize ISO images or to upgrade ESXi hosts by installing VIBs asynchronously onto the hosts.

What are the current concerns with VIBs?

VIBs created were certified for security. The certificate used to sign legacy releases of software expired at the end of December 2019. And now, VMware have been dual signing releases, with the replacement certificate, as well as the legacy certificate. New Certificates releases will now be signed only by the newer certificate (as of April 2020 for...

What are the different Partner Tiers of Partner Connect Program and Benefits?

Partner tiers are classified as below:  Enrolled-New Enrolled-Authorized (mandatory to transact) Partner Advanced Principal Each level has a set of Partner Benefits as shown in the figure below:

What are the minimum requirements to transition into ‘Enrolled Authorized’ Stage of Partner Connect program?

The Enrolled-Authorized stage is mandatory to be completed by all Partners who are currently transacting through the Program. The enrollment is simply accepting the agreement and later completing necessary trainings. The following are the necessary tasks involved in this stage. VMware Partner Connect Contract Agreement to be signed by the Primary C...

What do you need to complete immediately?

The first step of this transition is to accept Partner Connect Program Agreement. VMware has already sent an email to your Primary Contact including a few links which you can click to accept the agreement. Accepting the agreement before Feb 29, 2020 would move your Partner stage into Enrolled-Authorized so you could continue to transact through the...